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Applied Bio Research Inc. (ABR) is dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel, environmentally friendly biotechnology.

We merge the intelligence from several technologies to explore new solutions to the most pressing problems in healthcare and biotechnology.
We are sharing a glimpse of these technologies through this website, those interested in more detailed information are encouraged to contact us.

Camelid Biotechnology:

Through pioneering research on camelid biotechnology we are helping to demonstrate the many novel and beneficial traits of these amazing animals. Camels hold the key to solve many of our most challenging diseases. Please view the brief under the Camelid tab and contact us for more information.
Link to CNN report on the benefits of camel milk: Got Camel Milk?

Phage Technology:

A phage is a microscopic virus that infects and kills bacteria, they are nature's way of controlling bacterial growth. Individual phages are 'host specific' and are in effect 'paired' with a corresponding bacteria so that they will not infect or kill beneficial bacteria along with their target. Because they replicate so rapidly, bacteria also adapt or mutate rapidly to avoid being killed off by their obligate phage. Phages can also exist within bacteria in a lysogenic (dormant) state, sharing bacterial DNA for many generations. In order to lyse (kill) the bacterium and thereby replicate independently, the phage must be in a lytic (active) state.

Early researchers discovered that the best place to find phages was in the same location as the corresponding bacteria which we sought to control. This meant repeated trips to sources of sewage and fecal matter for example. Primitive phage treatments were used extensively for many decades in the former Soviet Union and in the current era of multidrug resistant pathogens, bacteriophage therapy is an important alternative to antibiotics.

We have worked for many years on phage biotechnology and have developed novel phage based solutions to global health and environmental issues. We are able to select the most virulant lytic phages from environmental samples and using our novel virus reprogramming protocol, we increase infectivity while dramatically decreasing bacterial resistance. The resulting phages have rapid infectivity on target bacteria with less or negligeable phage resistance. These 'smart phages' are replicated in the lab rather than continually returning to the original source for repeated isolation of new phages.

Bacteriophage therapy has also been used successfully in the agricultural, food-processing and fishing industries.
Our phage reprogramming will make these treatments much more effective and is a modern solution for multiple resistant strains.
Link to article on phage tech.

Please review our brief under the Phage tab and contact us for more detailed information.

Herbal solutions, phyto research and biofuel technology: 

We have developed several novel herbal solutions to a series of health and environmental challenges.
Please review the Herbal tab for our brief regarding novel herbal treatments and contact us for detailed information.

Biota medicine for challenging diseases:

The emergence of pathogenic bacteria, resistant to most if not all currently available antimicrobial agents has become a critical problem for modern medicine, particularly because of the concomitant increase in immunosupressed patients. The development of alternative treatment modalities has become one of the highest priorities of biotechnology. 

ABR has invented herbal preparations coupled with camelid and phage biotechnology that enable new approaches to prevent and cure many of these challenging diseases.

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